Nona's Italian Cucina, LLC


"I had the pleasure and the privilege to help create the first test batch for a larger production scale for this fabulous product. I took 2 jars home and am sad to say they are empty. I have spent the day touting Nona’s gravy because I believe in it. I will never be able to eat another sauce without comparing it to this incredible authentic product and I will scream Nona’s praises from the rooftops. Once you put a single spoonful of Nona’s in your mouth you will be ruined forever for other gravies!"

Kathleen Gregory
Production Manager, Virginia Food Works


"If you want a real taste of Italy – you MUST try Nona’s scrumptious tomato sauce. Charlottesville is in desperate need of something this wonderful and hope it comes to Richmond soon " 

Ebony Woolfolk


"Why can’t 6 stars be an option? What an incredible depth of flavor, too delicious to describe. If Nona’s opened as a trattoria, I would be one of Yvonne’s most loyal patrons!"

Kristen Spaulding Rabourdin


"Yvonne’s sauce at Nona’s Italian Cucina is amazeballs!!"

Jenée Libby
Founder, Edacious - Food Talk for Gluttons


"This sauce has been a staple in my household since I first tasted it in 2019. Not only is it perfect for a quick pasta, but it's also perfect for a Bolognese, chicken parmesan, and even pizza. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine a jar of sauce could taste so good, and to this day I can't believe there is no butter or added sugar. After, meeting the owners, I believe the secret to this sauce is that every batch is small and is made with the utmost care and love. The rewards and accolades this sauce has received are well deserved."

Kathryn Mann
Founder, Iron Paffles & Coffee