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When you open a jar of Nonas Italian Cucina tomato sauce, you can be certain of the love of those who planted, grew, harvested, and packaged them for your table.

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Nona’s Italian Cucina, is an authentic Italian, small batch tomato sauce, hand-crafted with love by owner's Yvonne and Jesse in Central Virginia

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Nona's Tomato Sauce
Nona's Tomato Sauce Nona's Tomato Sauce Nona's Tomato Sauce Nona's Tomato Sauce Nona's Tomato Sauce Nona's Tomato Sauce
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Our delicious tomato sauce is a timeless blend of Italian Imported San Marzano tomatoes, fresh herbs, and classic spices. Inspired by Nona’s own kitchen in Milan, Italy, our sauce is the perfect addition to your family dinners.  We believe good food brings people together, and it is our hope that our sauce will be a small part of helping families and our community create meaningful connections and lasting memories!


If you want a real taste of Italy – you MUST try Nona’s scrumptious tomato sauce. Charlottesville is in desperate need of something this wonderful and hope it comes to Richmond soon

– Ebony Woolfolk

Why can’t 6 stars be an option? What an incredible depth of flavor, too delicious to describe. If Nona’s opened as a trattoria, I would be one of Yvonne’s most loyal patrons!

– Kristen Spaulding Rabourdin

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